VDR Basic Software Solutions List

There are many management information systems for optimizing business processes like personnel management systems, customer relations, accounting systems, strategic management systems. A separate place is occupied by the Data Room solution.

Virtual Data Room for business automation

Business automation means the transition from manual methods of accounting and management of the company to automated, using digital technology tools. The purpose of automation is to simplify and accelerate the routine processes of a commercial organization, free up the necessary resources for business scaling, effective management, increase competitiveness and profitability.

There are basic automation tools such as Excel spreadsheets, Google spreadsheets, Outlook. And of course, they will for some time serve as auxiliary software for micro-businesses. But with the development of the company comes the time to implement software like Virtual Data Room that can solve the problem of complex automation of the enterprise. The purpose of such service is to create a single structural and information field of the company to organize the effective operation of a commercial enterprise and increase profitability. It is a software solution that allows all employees of the company to act in an orderly and systematic manner, and the manager to receive the necessary reports, during the analysis of which to predict the future activities of the company.

Business automation via Data Room software has two directions:

  • main business processes (increase of productive activity, increase of sales, level of loyalty of clients, increase of profit as a whole)
  • operational (automation of routine daily tasks, this includes accounting, management accounting, document management)

Although positioned as two separate areas, the maximum efficiency of business processes is achieved if they are applied comprehensively.

Data Room benefits for companies

Using the Data Room service, an enterprise gains some advantages. The main ones are the complexity and unity of their data in a single system, no need to re-enter them, reduction of various costs: reduction of audit costs, costs for IT specialists, communications, etc.  The implementation of the Data Room automation systems has a positive effect on the work of any business and is the leader of basic software solutions.

So, Data Room is a powerful modern technology that can help optimize the use of enterprise resources, reduce costs, determine the real cost and, in general, change the way you do business. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Such solutions cover many business processes of a company, complex operations performed by front and back offices: from organizing accounting and tax accounting, managing warehouse stocks, logistics, human resources, and personnel development, to supporting e-commerce and managing customer relations or contractors, including those that need to be integrated to create a unified system and meet the needs of the end-user.

Basic VDR solutions

Among the most widespread VDR alternatives there are:

  • Firmex builds software and hardware optimized to work together – both in the cloud and in the corporate data center.
  • iDeals allows you to automate routine processes at the enterprise, which allows you to avoid errors associated with the human factor, facilitates the work of the company’s employees. It also simplifies the control over the status of transactions, automates financial transactions, prepares reports.
  • Ansarada has high performance, broad functionality, excellent integration properties and provides employees of the enterprise with reliable information for making effective decisions.
  • Intralinks is a complex, integrated scalable solution that allows you to manage resources and simulate real business processes of almost any complexity.
  • SecureDocs includes business functions for automation of areas of accounting, operational, production accounting and logistics, financial and production planning, deal management, and sile-sharing.